You can call or send me a message and I will answer promptly to

accommodate meeting with you ASAP.


The initial appointment gives you the opportunity to meet me and

experience how I work. We discuss what you want to achieve and at the

end there will be time for any questions and to discuss how you wish to

continue, I like to schedule an hour and a half for the first appointment.

The first half hour is free.


Skype Counseling

I am also available for counseling via Skype, welcoming clients from

across the state and the world.

Skype, plus some face-to-face work when you are in Crested Butte,

can be a most effective combination.


Individual sessions are $90 for 60 minutes.

Couples sessions are $100 for 70 minutes.


Groups and workshop vary in price.

In the sessions, you will explore new pathways toward living a life with more freedom, enthusiasm, wisdom and joy.