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I feel truly lucky to have connected with you, your warm and kind energy always helped me feel at ease during our sessions. I have learned a lot from you to begin working on myself, accepting myself and also you have given me tools to help continue this process. Thank you.

Female 27

Monica is amazing at giving advice and homework to help me work towards goals for self improvement and a more mindful life. She was also able to juggle couple and individual counseling with me and my wife, individually or together, without issues, this is not easy. 

Male 38


Monica is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable in many different styles of therapy. She helped me through a lot of difficult times during school but also checked in when I was away. I’ve tried a lot of therapists, but none whom I could connect with in the way I do with her. Monica’s work is holistic and hands on. She’s helped me challenge my thoughts and change my way of thinking. She’s given me tools to create peace within my soul. I love the mindfulness, positive energy, and light she’s brought in to my life. I highly recommend seeing her. 

Female 22 

I have had many sessions with Monica and each one has moved me to a place of better understanding of my relationships, how the mind and emotions are connected and of especially myself and my behaviors. She has given me tools to help me move through troubling times and has opened a path to a more peaceful me. She is always loving, caring, interested, insightful and knowledgeable. She approaches her work with love, humor and lightness. 

Female 68

Working with Monica has been rather life changing.  She has an extremely wide breadth of knowledge that ranges from more traditional therapy to body energy work.  She has a worldly view while being extremely down to earth and easy to talk to.  She taught me practical tools and techniques I’ve been able to use to improve my focus, mindfulness and relationships.  Thanks Monica!  You rock! 

Male 48

I worked with Monica for five months on issues related to my retirement and isolation.  I had grown a lot before retiring to CB and hoped that I could make further strides by consulting a therapist.

I chose Monica, and that was a good choice.
Monica introduced me to two very helpful frameworks:  mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.  She led the exploration of my issues with curiosity, kindness, and humor.  She gently asked questions that helped me achieve more clarity.  She is smart, wise, and empathetic.  I felt she understood and appreciated me, and I always felt safe with her.
With her help I am now a more aware and accepting person.  Thank you, Monica.
Male 73

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